Big Ben, London


"Look at all the elegant buildings! The lamps! The paved streets! I wasn't expecting Neverland to be so sophisticated!"

-"Guys, this isn't Neverland," Conner said. "We're in London."[1]

London is the capital of England. It is featured in J.M. Barrie's stories about Peter Pan.

Alex, Conner, the Tin Woodman, Red, Mother Goose, and Lester travel into the story in Beyond the Kingdoms in order to stop the Masked Man. They arrive in London just before Peter meets Wendy, John and Michael. Peter was "late" because he was looking for his friend Tinker Bell. They quickly conclude that Lloyd must have captured her. In order to save her, Peter agrees to take the friends to Neverland.

[In A Grimm Warning, Conner visits "real" London in the Otherworld.

"This is the most proper place I've ever been in my life." Conner nudged Bree. "Just being here makes me feel like I should be dressed up."[2] ]


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