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Princess Ash Charming is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She first appears in A Grimm Warning, ch 21. She is the adopted daughter of Queen Sleeping Beauty and King Chase Charming.

Appearance and Personality

"A small chest was buried under a pile of debris that had fallen from the ceiling. Jack and Goldilocks helped Sleeping Beauty lift the rubble off he chest and open the lid. An infant girl had been hidden inside the chest and was surely the sole survivor of the Grande Armée's raid."[1]

In chapter 23, Sleeping Beauty reveals that the Sleeping Curse left her and many other women in the Sleeping Kingdom barren. Shortly after, she and the other royals come upon the ruins of a village that has been ransacked by the Grande Armée, leaving no survivors but a small baby girl. She and her husband Chase immediately decide to adopt her. They call her Ash.


  1. TLOS III, ch 23, p. 340

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