A large area of farmlands in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, run by Little Bo Peep. It is situated between the west and south entrance of the kingdom, not far from Farmer Robin's farm.[1]


Mentioned in The Wishing Spell, ch 10, when the twins cross the lands on their way to Red Riding Hood Town, and described in A Grimm Warning, when Alex and Rook go spy on Little Bo:

"It was an adorable place and reminded Alex of a play set she and her brother had when they were toddlers. The barn was big and painted bright red with white trim. The farmhouse was wooden and small, the perfect size for one person, and had a wraparound porch. A metal windmill stood between the buildings, slowly turning in the night breeze. Huge stacks of hay were scattered across the land and there were fluffy black and white sheep as far as the eye could see. It was like the farm was covered in little walking clouds."[2]

According to Little Bo, Bo Peep Farms make up over seventy percent of the kingdom and produce over eighty procent of the goods they trade with other kingdoms.[3]

In The Wishing Spell, Harper tells the twins that the Giant from the Beanstalk crashed down on the farmland when he fell, and that his body was "the best fertilizer their farms had ever used".[4]

In A Grimm Warning, Little Bo Peep keeps a magic mirror in one of the barns to communicate with the Masked Man.

It is unknown what happens to the farm after Little Bo's death.


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