Buckle is an original character from The Land of Stories series. He is a horse from Queen Red Riding Hood's stables. He first appears in The Enchantress Returns, ch 15.

Appearance and Personality

Buckle is a large brown stallion. When the twins needs horses to go and find the Traveling Tradesman, Conner perfers him because he is the only horse without bows in his mane.[1] He has a saddle with large silver buckles, but is also named "Buckle" because he bucks a lot and is difficult to ride.

It is implied that he has a "complicated history" with Goldilocks' horse Porridge,[2] and it is revealed at the end of The Enchantress Returns that Porridge is pregnant, with Buckle as a likely father.[3] In A Grimm Warning, Porridge's foal Oats makes an appearance.[4]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, Buckle, Porridge and Oats transport the friends to the Masked Man's cave. One look at Buckle is enough for Hagetta to cast a calming spell on him.[5] Red Riding Hood and the Lost Boys also ride them to Morina to search for Froggy.[6]


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