...or : "Arthurian England", as the legendary castle & court of Camelot does not yet exist when Alex and Mother Goose enter the story. However, the map in the book Beyond the Kingdoms lists this world simply as 'Camelot'.

Type -
Rulers Arthur (in the future)
Founder -
Population -
Institutions -
Neighbors -


"Green hills stretched into the horizon and were covered in boulders and stones. There was a forest of thick mossy trees in the distance. The air was salty and Alex could see the ocean nearby beyond a great cliff."[1]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, Alex, Mother Goose and Lester travel into the story of King Arthur by mistake - they are tricked into it by the Masked Man, and think they are in the fairy-tale world at first.

When they enter the story, Alex meets a young Arthur, who is training with Merlin, and who has yet to pull the sword out of the stone.

Alex then discovers she can make a Portal Potion to get them back to the Land of Stories. The potion takes two weeks to make, and Alex and Arthur use this time to get very well acquainted. As the two weeks are nearly over, Mother Goose announces that she wants to stay with Merlin. Alex had been secretely thinking about staying with Arthur too, but knows she has to get back. They say a tough goodbye.

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