The Caterpillar on the back cover of TLOS IV


The Caterpillar (or 'Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar') is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice asks for his help, but he is rather rude and brief with her, and asks difficult questions. He is also featured in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, where his 'catchphrase' is "WHO are YOU?", blowing smoke rings from his hookah into Alice's face as he speaks.[1]

For more on Lewis Caroll's Caterpillar, click here.

In The Land of Stories series, Mother Goose recognizes the smell from the hookah before they lay eyes on the Caterpillar ("It reminds me of Morocco!"[2]), and joins him for a smoke to communicate with him on his level.

Appearance and Personality

"...they found an enormous caterpillar lounging on top of a mushroom and smoking from a hookah. He was blue with dark spots and was very obese, even for caterpillar standards. His antennae were wrapped around his head like a turban. The caterpillar's eyes were glazed over as if he was half-asleep, and he blew smoke-rings in the air."[3]

He appears to be speaking in riddles, but when Mother Goose smokes some of his tabbacco, she understands him and manages to get directions to the Castle of Hearts.


"A question to you, 'tis fact to me."[4]

"Here would be what's left."[5]

"This worm is clearly insane; let's find someone who can actually help us." [Conner about the Caterpillar][6]


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