Charlotte (Charlie) Black is the granddaughter of Conner Bailey and Bree Campbell. She has dark hair, olive skin, and large brown eyes. Her mother is Elizabeth Black and her father is Ben Black. Her parents are going to be divorced. Right now, Charlie is 11 years of age, turning 12 in a week. Charlie makes her first appearance in the sixth book of the Land of Stories, mentioned in both the prologue and epilogue.

In the prologue, Charlotte mentioned when Conner Bailey mentions his children and grandchildren. Charlie is described as "too smart for her own good". She is mentioned a lot in the epilogue of Worlds Collide, where it is said that she finds out that stairs have great acoustics. That is where she learns about her parents upcoming divorce. When she finds out that they are thinking of sending her grandfather in mental care, she rushes off to warn him. However, her grandfather doesn't seem to care. He tells her that his sister will be picking him up in a while, and tells her that she can leave.

However, instead of leaving, Charlie watches him from a window. She sees a bright light flash and a pretty woman with long white hair. After that, the pair leave through a portal. Then, Charlie climbs through an open window, calling out their names, and getting no response. She hears a mysterious vibration in the attic, and looks all over the house. She's about to give up when she sees something in the corner of her eye. In the middle of the dusty floor, is an emerald-green storybook. She blows off the dust and reads the golden title, The Land of Stories. Charlotte watches in amazement as the storybook's pages begin to glow.

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