Cindy is an original character from the Land of Stories series. She first appears in chapter 3 of A Grimm Warning. She is a teenager in Conner's grade, and one of the four members of the school's book club, The Book Huggers.

Appearance and Personality

"Cindy was the youngest and to this day proudly told everyone she had skipped kindergarten. She also had a mouthful of braces with enough metal to build a satellite.''[1]

Cindy is one of the six students who attends the Germany Trip with Mrs. Peters. She is a loud, eccentric book loving teenager, and one of the four members of the book club. Mindy, Lindy, and Wendy are her best friends. Cindy wears braces, like her friend, Mindy. In An Author's Odyssey it is mentioned she had her braces removed.[2]


In A Grimm Warning, Cindy rolls her eyes at almost everything Conner says or does. She and her three friends assault Connor outside the bathroom, and demand to know hat happened to his sister Alex. She attends the reading of the Brothers Grimm lost stories.

In Beyond The Kingdoms, Mindy, Cindy, Lindy and Wendy have been made hall monitors, and have dropped the book club to create The Conspiracy Club. Cindy and her friends catch Bree Campbell talking on her phone in the closet and blackmail her by saying that they won't tell anyone about her cell phone if she offers information about the Bailey Twins. Bree tricks them, and Mindy assures Cindy and the others that they will find out what happened to the Bailey twins, mostly to calm them down.

In An Author's Odyssey, Mindy, Cindy, Lindy and Wendy are miserable.They are obsessed with the Bailey Twins. It's all they can think about. No one believes their conspiracy theories, and they are mocked and have a terrible reputation. In an attempt to break their obsession, they re-form the Book Huggers, but Mindy and the others cannot concentrate enough to read the books.They meet in the Storybook Grill, and then see Alex and Connor. Cindy and her friends go to Sycamore Drive to spy on the Bailey twins, and they bring recording devices and cameras. When they see Auburn Sally and her crew appear out of nowhere, the Book Huggers drop their recording devices and later faint. Mindy and the others are taken to St. Andrew's children's hospital. Cindy's parents are briefly mentioned in An Author's Odyssey.She dreams of writing presidential debates,or running for president.


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