"Miles away, in the northern part of the Charming Kingdom, a gargantuan pillar made of rock, roots and dirt emerged from the ground and rocketed into the air. The land cracked and elevated unevenly for miles and miles around it. The pillar grew higher and higher, only stopping once it had reached the clouds. A massive coliseum was on the top of the pillar, constructed of enormous jagged stones shaped like arrowheads. Vines and thornbushes grew up the sides of the pillar." [1]


A macabre "throne room" in the Charming Kingdom, erected from rocks used by Ezmia to intimidate the Queens. Ezmia installed her old golden chair from the Fairy Council on top of it.

"A large crater was indented in the floor, with a small magenta fire burning a pile of skulls like firewood in the center of it. Six glass turquoise jars were placed in a line in front of the Enchantress." [2]

After Ezmia is defeated, the Fairy Council removes the coliseum from the kingdom.


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