Former home of Froggy, inside a small hill in the Dwarf Forests. A tree grows on top of it. The door is camouflaged.

When Alex and Conner arrive in the Land of Stories for the first time, they are lost in the forest and Froggy invites them to his home so they have a safe place to stay for the night. He tells them he chose to live deep in the forest because he was ashamed of his frog appearance, and it was hard to find a landlord who'd house a frog.[1]

"They were in a large room with dirt walls and a low, dirt ceiling. Roots from a tree growing above them grew down like a candelier. A clluster of big, cushy chairs and sofas- many of the cushions had the stuffing sticking out of them- sat in the center of the room and were angled to face a small fireplace. Nearby, teacups and pouts hung from hooks over a kitchenette."[2]

Froggy has a large collection of books; his entire home is filled with them. When he moves in with Red Riding Hood, she has a library built into her castle for him.


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