The Gingerbread House Witch from The Land of Stories series is (most likely) the same witch who is usually the villain of the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale by Brothers Grimm. Either that or she applies the same tactics to lure in her victims! Her only appearance is in The Wishing Spell, ch 6.

Appearance and Personality

"It was, undoubtedly, a witch, and although they had never seen a real witch to make a comparison to, she was more grotesque than they could have imagined. Her skin was wrinkled and pale with a yellowish tint. Her eyes were bloodshot and bulged out of her head. She was hunched over and had an enourmous hump on her back."[1]

She lives in a gingerbread house and tries to trick Alex and Conner into coming inside.

She is mentioned to have had "dealings with Mother Goose" in the past.

Using his wit and logic, Conner tricks her into granting them a wish and wishes she becomes a vegetarian. She then no longer wants to eat them and lets them go free.


  1. TLOS I, ch 6, p. 113

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