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Queen Red Riding Hood's Grandmother is a character from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. She is the one Red Riding Hood goes to visit in the woods when she is attacked by the Big Bad Wolf.

In the Land of Stories series, Red's grandmother, aka "Granny", is the one who makes the decisions for governing the Red Riding Hood Kingdom; first because Queen Red is very young, and later because she isn't particularily equipped to lead a kingdom. She is first mentioned in The Wishing Spell[1], and appears for the first time in The Enchantress Returns.[2] By this time, she has retired and Queen Red leads the kingdom (aided by Froggy).

In Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty, Granny is mentioned as an avid supporter of the C.R.A.W.L. Revolution as well as Red's Chief Advisor after Red becomes queen.[3] Red also writes that Granny's "revolutionary protests" were also the reason Red was sent to visit her in the forest in the first place.[4]

Appearance and Personality

After her retirement, Granny lives at the Shoe Inn with the Little Old Woman who runs it.

Granny used to make Red's clothing since she was a toddler[5], and helps to build the HMS Granny by turning Red's dresses into a big hot air balloon.

In A Grimm Warning, Granny is part of the Kingdom's representatives in the House of Progress.

She made Red a wedding dress as well, but it didn't turn out exactly as Red wanted, on account of her having lost her glasses.[6]


"Her wedding dress is the best one I've ever made! At least I hope it is. I lost my glasses a few weeks ago."[7]


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