Former home of the witch Hagatha, deep in the heart of the Dwarf Forests. It is a simple hut with a hay roof, two windows and one door, hidden by a large wall of thornbush that Hagatha took from the Sleeping Kingdom and planted it around her home to keep unwanted visitors out.

The inside of the hut, as it was when Hagatha lived there, is described by Alex and Conner's father in his journal as "an utter mess" of magic items and ingredients, vials, potions, animal parts, etc. The hut also held various live animals.[1]

In The Enchantress Returns, long after Hagatha's death, the hut is used by Ezmia as a hideout, and she has made several magical improvements. The hut looks the same from the outside, but is charmed into a spacious manor on the inside:

"It had large rooms with high ceilings and black stone walls. A wide fireplace was made of amethyst stones, within which a fire of purple flames burned a collection of skulls like firewood. The furniture was made of exotic porcupine and salamander animal skins. A chandelier made of various species' teeth hung from the ceiling but gave no light."[2]

Ezmia stays there with Rumplestiltskin while hatching her plans to take over the Land of Stories, and she keeps her jars of souls and her prisoners there.


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