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Princess Hope Charming is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She first appears in The Wishing Spell, ch 23. She is the daughter of Queen Cinderella and King Chance Charming.

Appearance and Personality

"The princess was indeed beautiful. She was only a few days old but looked just like her mother, with auburn hair and bright eyes." [TLOS The Wishing Spell, Chapter 23]


When Cinderella's baby is born, all the kings and queens, the Fairy Council and Alex and Conner are invited to visit the "unnamed princess" - she is then called "Hope" after Queen Cinderella hears the story of the Evil Queen.[1]

In The Enchantress Returns, Hope is kidnapped by Rumplestiltskin for Ezmia's plans.[2] Charlotte Bailey has also been kidnapped by Ezmia and Rumplestiltskin lets Charlotte nurse Hope. When Ezmia is defeated, she is flowergirl at Charlotte and Dr. Bob's wedding.[3]

In A Grimm Warning, Princess Hope is captured along with Princess Ash and the kings and queens when they are betrayed and the hidden path to keep them safe is revealed. The army is defeated and Hope is returned to her parents.

In An Authors Odyssey Hope is nearly executed by the Masked Man.


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