"There was nothing very big or grand about the hotel at all. It was fairly small, very plain, and had only a few staff members. According to what the group could make out from the photos framed on the wall, the hotel had been owned by the same family since before World War II."[1]

Hotel Gewaeltiger Palast is a fictional hotel in Berlin, where Conner, Bree, Mrs. Peters and the Bookhuggers stay during their trip in A Grimm Warning. Its name translates to "Enormous Palace Hotel", though it is neither enormous nor palace-like.

The receptionist is a tall woman with curly gray hair, who speak English reasonably well, but who seems very annoyed with the group when they check in.


Wendy and Lindy share a room on the second floor. Mindy, Cindy and Bree share a room on the third floor, and Conner has a room to himself on the fourth floor. Mrs. Peters is staying at in the Chancellor's Suite.

Conner's room is described as very bleak, with dull colors, a dusty smell and a small, stiff bed.


  1. TLOS III, ch 5, p. 90

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