"It was thick and curly and had huge leaves. It grew right next to an old, decrepit shack that was only large enough to have one room inside of it. A little ways behind the beanstalk and the shack was a large, elegant manor with yellow bricks and enough chimneys and windows to hold a dozen rooms."[1]


Jack's Beanstalk and Jack's house (old & new) are in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom. The Beanstalk needs to be chopped down once a week because it grows so fast.[2] Jack kept the old shack as a workshop.

Red had the beanstalk removed after Jack eloped with Goldilocks.[3]

When the twins need to go up to the Giant's Castle in The Enchantress Returns, they go to the Traveling Tradesman to ask for new magic beans to replant the beanstalk. It works, and the castle is still to be found in the clouds.


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