"They were round and wide like lima beans but were black and bounced lively on the table."[1]

In accordance with the classical fairy tale, Jack grew the Beanstalk out of some magic beans he traded with the Traveling Tradesman when he was a young man, and climbed the beanstalk to get into the Giant's castle in the sky. In The Enchantress Returns, Queen Red has the beanstalk chopped down, but the twins need to access the castle in order to retrieve the Giant's most prized posession for the Wand of Wonderment, and so the beanstalk has to be re-grown.

They pay the Traveling Tradesman a visit and he gives them 3 new beans. He says they are his last, as they are very hard to come by. They "have to be plucked from a plant that growns in ground fertilized by unicorn manure and watered with the tears of a witch".


  1. TLOS II, ch 15, p. 261

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