Maria Grimm is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She is mentioned in Beyond the Kingdoms. She is a relative of Bree's, and a descendant of Wilhelm Grimm.

Appearance and Personality

Maria is Cornelia Grimm's third-great-grandmother. She founded the Sisterhood (or "Sisters Grimm") in 1852.[1]

She studied history and magical phenomena and gathered that the magical creatures in myths and legends of ancient civilizations all really existed- and came from the fairytale world. She found out that a portal to the Land of Stories magically opened for a brief moment once a month when the two worlds collided, and that these creatures were able to come into the Otherworld. She and the Sisters took it upon themselves to make sure no harm came to anyone or anything during these magical events. They used charts and diagrams to calculate when and where the portals would open, and guided whatever came through the portal back into it, or kept it safe until the next portal opened. Her descendants continued her work.


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