Masked Man
Masked man 300px
Biographical Information
World Land of Stories
Title(s) Unknown
Also known as Lloyd Bailey
Physical information
Species Former Fairy (turned into human by the Fairy Godmother)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair colour Unknown
Eye colour Pale blue
Other Traits Conniving, treacherous, ambitious
Family information
Family Members Little Bo Peep(lover)Emmerich Himmelsbach (son), Alex Bailey, Conner Bailey, Charlotte Bailey, John Bailey, Fairy Godmother
Affiliation evil
Land of Stories
First Appearance A Grimm Warning, ch 16
Appeared in Book(s) A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms


The Masked Man is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He first appears in A Grimm Warning. He is a criminal who is freed from Pinocchio Prison by General Marquis, whom he pretends to help while using him for his own evil plans. After seeing his face without the mask, Alex believes he is her father.

In Beyond the Kingdoms, it is revealed that the Masked Man is the Fairy Godmother's youngest son, Lloyd, the twins' uncle.

Appearance and Personality

"The Masked man was tall but very frail. He wore a tattered suit and his tie was torn in half. A gray sack over his head concealed his face; holes were cut around the eyes and the mouth."[1]

At the start of A Grimm Warning, the Masked Man resides in Pinocchio Prison. The plaque on the wall next to his cell says he is sentenced to life in prison for attempted robbery of the Fairy Godmother[2]. It is mentioned he has been in there for a decade already. He was imprisoned because Little Bo Peep turned him in.

When General Marquis asks about his mask, Lloyd claims to wear the mask voluntarily, saying he is hiding "something he doesn't want the rest of the world to see".[3] He may have gotten the idea from reading The Man in the Iron Mask.[4] However, in Beyond the Kingdoms, it turns out the Fairy Godmother put the mask on him when he was arrested so no one would know he was her son.[5]

Hagetta says he chose the name "Masked Man" for himself. According to her, he is the youngest son in a very powerful family, but he longed to be more powerful than all of them, using deceit and theft to achieve his goals.[6]

He is eager to make a deal with General Marquis and claims they are similar men (which does not speak well for the Masked Man). Hagetta describes him as a "total crook"[7].

He has knowledge of hatching and using dragons, and when Alex and Conner look inside his cell, they see illustrations of winged creatures, pirate ships, and animals with big ears and feet. He has carved lumps of coal into hooks, hearts, and swords.[8] When he manages to hatch the dragon during the course of A Grimm Warning, he is described as looking like he accomplished one of his biggest dreams.[9]

He is shown to take pleasure in seeing the fear he is causing the citizens of the Fairy Kingdom. However, when Little Bo Peep tries to appeal to his caring side, he is said to be very conflicted before deciding to turn her down.[10]

Flashbacks and memories in Beyond the Kingdoms reveal some of Lloyd's youth from before he got the mask. He was a loner as a boy, who hated the outdoors[11], preferring to stay in his room and read. He was cruel to animals, trapping them in jars in his room[12] and taking delight in the idea that a nest of baby squirrels may have been eaten by an owl.[13] Hoping to make him happy, the Fairy Godmother offered him a potion to turn his favourite books into a portal, but he declined. When his mother found out his biggest dream was to destroy the Land of Stories and kill her, she took him into the forest and "killed his magic", hoping that would stop him. Lloyd swore he would never forgive her, and began to plot his revenge. He eventually ran away from home, and the Fairy Godmother staged a funeral, telling everyone he was dead. She didn't see him again until he was arrested for trying to steal the potion.[14]


The Masked Man is the Fairy Godmother's son and John Bailey's younger brother.

He used to be in a relationship with Little Bo Peep, but it wasn't really love: Lloyd seduced Little Bo with love potions made by Morina, hoping he could get Little Bo to challenge Red Riding Hood to the throne and make him king.[15] Then, he meant to obtain a dragon egg, destroy the fairies, and steal the Portal Potion.

Growing impatient, he decided to break into the Fairy Palace and steal the potion without the use of a dragon, but Little Bo found out about his plans. Pregnant with his child, she turned him in to the authorities to keep her child safe. At Little Bo's request, Hagetta placed the child somewhere safe, and the masked Man never found out he has a son. When Little Bo begs him not to attack the Fairy Council, she mentions how his life has been difficult and that he was "tossed aside by his own blood", but that he had also been capable of being a loving and caring man to her.[16]

He knows the Snow Queen from his time before he was imprisoned, and already made a deal with her about her dragon egg before the events of A Grimm Warning take place.


1. The Wishing Spell


2. The Enchantress Returns


3. A Grimm Warning

When General Marquis breaks into Pinocchio Prison to offer the criminals their freedom in return for their allegiance, the Masked Man offers to help him, saying he is the only one who can help him win. He leads the Grande Armée to the Snow Queen to obtain a dragon egg. He helps them hatch it. When they attack the Fairy Council, he reveals his true colours- he only pretended to be helping General Marquis and was really just using him to get to the Fairy Council. He uses his command over the dragon to attack the Council and, his plan to destroy them thwarted, breaks into the Fairy Godmother's chambers to retrieve a potion. He reveals his face to Alex, who thinks he is her father, John Bailey.

4. Beyond The Kingdoms

After escaping from Alex and her friends at the Witches' Brew, the Masked Man goes to ask Morina to locate his books with her crystal ball. He breaks into Froggy's library to steal them and uses the potion to begin recruiting for his army. When he finds out Alex and Conner are on his trail, he tries to trap them inside two separate worlds, burning the portal books. At the end of Beyond the Kingdoms, he has recruited several literary villains as well as mythological creatures, and attacks on the Land of Stories have begun.

5. An Author's Odyssey

The Masked Man becomes the self-appointed emperor of Masked Empire. He cruelly greets his reluctant citizens who then pelt him with food, and all laugh at him, including The Wicked Witch of the West. He shrieks in rage and threatens to kill them all. He then attempts to publicly execute all the royals. The King and Queens are rescued by the heroes. Then The Queen of Hearts, The Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Hook confront him about not fulfilling their promises. He assures them he will- once his plans as Emperor are properly executed - but they don't want to hear it. The Wicked Witch of the West commands her Flying Monkeys to drop him over the balcony. He overhears the literary villains conspiring with Morina, for plans to conquer the Otherworld. He learns about his son Emmerich Himmselbach who was kidnapped by the witches, and they are planning to use him against him. He sneaks him out of the witch's camp, and speaks to Emmerich in a kind and fatherly manner. It is revealed that he wants to transfer Emmerich's magic blood into his body, killing his own son.They travel into Bree's second draft of "Cemetery of the undead" and he forces Charlotte Bailey to transfer the blood. She drugs him with sleep inducing medicine, and he is terribly wounded in his leg and very sleepy. Four zombies awaken, and one is his dead lover Little Bo Peep. He wastes his last bullet on her. He backs away from her terrified, and trips over an unmarked gravestone. Dozens of zombies pull him under, and the gravestone now reads: Here lies Lloyd Bailey-beloved by none. The Masked Man is now finally dead.


"You can't kill me! You still need me!"[17]

"(laughs) You're learning it the hard way, just like I had to. There is no such thing as love. Families are just strangers who share blood. They claim to love you unconditionally, but in the end, they always betray you the most. My mother taught me that lesson, and now you're learning it from me."[18]


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