Merlin's house is a part of the world of King Arthur, the legendary British leader from many medieval histories and romances. Merlin lives there with young Arthur, his apprentice.

It is described as a "modest cottage" in the forest. Every surface and piece of furniture is covered with books, potions, plants, cauldrons, candles and sketches of things Merlin has 'foreseen'.

"Alex recognized a spinning jenny, a sewing machine, a typewriter, and a record player. She could have sworn she saw a drawing that looked like a cell phone in his collection, but didn't want to seem nosy."[1]

Mother Goose comments on the place, calling Merlin a hoarder. The cottage isn't big enough for Lester to come in.


In Beyond the KingdomsAlexMother Goose and Lester travel into the story of King Arthur by mistake - they are tricked into it by the Masked Man, and think they are in the fairy-tale world at first.

They stumble upon Arthur and Merlin, who are training together. They are invited into Merlin's house and share their story with them. Alex then discovers she can make a Portal Potion to get them back to the Land of Stories. The potion takes two weeks to make, and Alex and Arthur use this time to get very well acquainted. As the two weeks are nearly over, Mother Goose announces that she wants to stay with Merlin. Alex had been secretely thinking about staying with Arthur too, but knows she has to get back. They say a tough goodbye.


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