Biographical Information
World Land of Stories
Title(s) Unknown
Also known as "The Beauty Witch" (by her customers), "Livestock with lipstick" (Red)
Physical information
Species Witch, part troll
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour
Other Traits Ram-like horns on her head, curled along the sides of her face [in her 'true' form: warts, a hunchback and a clubfoot]
Family information
Family Members Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance Beyond the Kingdoms
Appeared in Book(s) Beyond the Kingdoms, An Author's Odyssey, Worlds Collide


Morina is an original character from the Land of Stories series, though her backstory is tied in with the classical fairy tales of Snow White and The Frog Prince.

In Beyond the Kingdoms, a visit from the Masked Man inspires her to try and take over the Otherworld.

Appearance & Personality

"She was beautiful, with dark hair and bright red lips. She wore long black robes with golden trim and snakeskin high-heeled boots. She would have looked like any other woman except for the large ram-like horns that grew out of her head and curled along the side of her face."[1]

Morina is a witch with a beautiful complexion but with horns of a goat. She is a powerful witch, and the other witches of the Dwarf Forests are intimidated when they see her. She doesn't usually attend the monthly witches' meetings.[2]

Morina hates her hideous form as it is the cause of the many heartbreaks she has suffered throughout her life. However, Morina is no benevolent being. After discovering the potion for youth restoration, she did not hesitate in taking advantage of other people's wish for youth and has made a very profitable business.

Morina is a despicable and evil witch. Her entire business relies on the youth she steals from children. She kidnaps innocent children and drains them of their lives. This act shows the depth of her evil.


Morina was Froggy's first love but he broke up with her because he was afraid of what his family would think if he courted a witch. Morina thought Froggy left her because she was ugly, so she cursed Froggy to look like a frog.[3] When she finds out Froggy has found happiness despite his frog-shape and is about to be married, she interrupts his wedding and convinces him to come away with her by threatening Red Riding Hood, his bride-to-be. She then traps him inside a magic mirror in her basement.

She was one of the beauticians of the Evil Queen and was promised to be her successor after Snow White was killed.[4] She was also the one who supplied the Masked Man with love potions to seduce Little Bo Peep, but never got paid for her services.[5] When the Masked Man asks for her help again, she is reluctant to help him, but after using her crystal ball to look into the future, she believes his plan has merits. She finds the Otherworld fascinating.[6]

Morina doesn't usually attend the monthly meetings of the witches of the Dwarf Forests, but she goes to see them to warn them for the Masked Man's ambitions and to convince them to join her and take over the Otherworld.[7]

She is shown to be shaken at the arrival of the Snow Queen and the Sea Witch, who are apparently much more powerful than the other witches, including Morina.[8]


Prior to the Series

Morina used to be an ugly witch with features of a troll as her ancestors were witches and trolls. She says this is the reason she had her heart broken many times. Morina spent years and years of experimenting on potions to make herself look beautiful and youthful. She eventually discovered the potion and used it to grant her great beauty. She made a very profitable business with her youth potion.

Morina also became one of the Evil Queen's beauticians and was going to be the queen's successor that is until the queen was dethroned by Snow White.[9]

Beyond the Kingdoms

Morina is shown to receive customers who desire beauty potions and spells. The Masked Man asks for her help locating his books, and she tells him where they are and offers to create a distraction while he retrieves them. While the Masked Man breaks into Froggy's library, Morina forces Froggy to leave Red at the altar. When Red and the Lost Boys find her mansion, they also find 20 of the 24 missing children in the basement. They are being drained of their life as "ingredients" for Morina's potions. Froggy has been trapped inside a magic mirror. Morina visits the other witches to convince them to take over the Otherworld, but the Snow Queen and the Sea Witch have a better plan. At the end of the book, it is implied that all of the witches will combine their magic to put a curse on Alex.

An Author's Odyssey

Morina is camping with the other witches. When the Snow Queen brings back dust to curse Alex Morina is chosen to go to the Otherworld because apart from her horns she looks most human out of all the witches. Morina uses the panpipe to open a portal in the Eastern Kingdom and crosses over to the Otherworld. Morina finds Alex at Saint Andrews hospital at the end of the book and curses Alex with the dust.


"You don't have proof I was the witch who did this to him. Although it does sound like me."[10]

"The enemy of our enemy is not always our friend."[11]


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