"It had a tall hay roof and a watermill that turned slowly as the river ran through it."[1]

"The front room of the house was an elegant shop. It had marble floors, a crystal chandelier, and pillars supporting the high ceiling. Everything was white, including a large desk and chair in the center of the room. Shelves holding small glass bottles filled with colorful liquids lined the walls."[2]


Morina's mansion lies at Dead Man's Creek in the Dwarf Forests, near the border to the Corner Kingdom. It had a watermill that can be turned against the stream by magic, making the river flow upstream.

A part of the house is Morina's beauty potion shop. Behind a curtain, she keeps a Mirror of Truth. It reveals one's true self when one stands before it.

A door bolted shut with a dozen locks in the back of the shop leads to the basement. It is Morina's secret prison / laboratory, where she keeps the kidnapped children. It holds twenty-four beds with twenty children in them, being drained of their life force and youth. The room also holds annother magic mirror, in which Morina has trapped Froggy, and her crystal ball, with which she can look into the future.


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