Mr. Smee is a fictional character from the story ''Peter Pan'' by J.M. Barrie.[1] He's a pirate from Neverland and part of Captain Hook's crew.

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In The Land of Stories series, Captain Hook, his right-hand[2] man Mr. Smee and his army of Neverland Pirates are recruited by the Masked Man, in exchange for enabling Captain Hook to kill Peter.

Appearance and Personality

He is described as 'awkward, fat andbalding man with a grey beard and striped blue pants'. [3]


In Beyond the Kingdoms, Mr. Smee follows Captain Hook and the Masked Man into Alice in Wonderland (and later into the Land of Stories).

In An Author's Odyssey, Mr. Smee is still in Captain Hook's service. He is the one who brings the villains the news that the Creature has escaped, causing the Masked Man to almost strangle him in his anger.[4]


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