Mrs. Himmelsbach is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She is mentioned by her (adopted) son Emmerich in A Grimm Warning, and appears in Beyond the Kingdoms when she tells Bree Emmerich was abducted.

Appearance and Personality

Mrs. Himmelsbach takes care of Emmerich and he calls her 'mother'. His birth-mother is Little Bo Peep, but the witch Hagetta brought Emmerich to the Otherworld to hide him from his father The Masked Man. It is yet unclear if Mrs. Himmelsbach knows about the fairytale world; Emmerich doesn't seem to know he is adopted.

Mrs. Himmelsbach works in a giftshop in the town of Hohenschwangau. After her son disappears for several weeks during the events of A Grimm Warning, she gives him 'dishwashing duty' until he's sixteen.[1]


(Emmerich about his mother) "My mom would kill me if I missed dinner, even if it was to help save the world."[2]


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