"It was a city of spirals and clock towers and pointed roofs. There were beautiful buildings with stained-glass windows and hand-crafted wooden doors. Statues of religious and mythical figures were mounted on the roofs and balconies to keep watch over the busy streets."[1]

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany. In A Grimm Warning, Conner and Bree travel here from Monte Carlo by train in order to get to Neuschwanstein castle.

They part ways with Granny Pearl at the trainstation and trick a hotel receptionist to lend them two bikes, charging the costs on a room of the hotel by saying Bree's father is staying there. They use the bikes to drive to Hohenschwangau, which is a nine and a half hour trip that leads them past Oberammergau and into the Alps.

Dr. Bob's trusty old suitcase, "Betsy", is left behind at the hotel in Munich.


  1. TLOS III, ch 12, p. 214

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