"Neverland was a child's paradise, with adventure and discovery around every corner."[1]

Type -
Rulers Peter Pan
Founder -
Population Lost Boys, Pirates, Mermaids, Indians
Institutions -
Neighbors -


Neverland is a fictional location featured in the works of J.M. Barrie.[2]It is a small island floating in space, the home of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Captain Hook and his pirates.

In Beyond the KingdomsAlex and Conner arrive inside the Peter Pan story just before Peter meets Wendy, John and Michael. Peter was "late" because he was looking for his friend Tinker Bell. They quickly conclude that Lloyd must have captured her. In order to save her, Peter agrees to take Alex, Conner, Mother GooseLesterRed and the Tin Woodman to Neverland.

It is described as following:

"There was a prominent mountain range in the center of Neverland, and the rest of the island was made up of hills and beaches. It was covered in forests and jungles, and there were waterfalls, rivers, streams, and bays. The water flowed through the island and spilled into an ocean that surrounded Neverland and then faded into the starry sky beyond it."[3]

The twins and their friends find Lloyd only to see him and Captain Hook's entire ship full of pirates disappear into the next book. The twins and their friends decide to follow him, leaving Red behind to guard the portal book and babysit the Lost Boys.

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