Noodle is an original character from The Land of Stories series. She first appears in ch 6 of Beyond the Kingdoms. She is a fairy from the Fairy Kingdom.

Appearance and Personality

"Noodle was plump for her size and her stomach stuck out of her orange dress."[1]

Noodle is a friend of Trix, and listens in on the meetings of the Fairy Council with her and Merkle. She helps her steal the Fairy Godmother's notebook. While Merkle is very nervous and anxious about that, Noodle is excited about it.[2]

When the Masked Man and his army of literary villains arrive in the Land of Stories, they attack the Council and turn them to stone. [3]Merkle and Noodle are hit by this curse as well. It is yet unclear if this magic can be reversed.


"We never missed a Fairy Council meeting- it gives us something to talk to the other fairies about."[4]


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