Nottingham Castle is a castle in Nottingham, England, famous for its historic association with the legend of Robin Hood.

In Beyond the Kingdoms, it is described as an "enormous medival fortress constructed from large stones". [1] The windows are very narrow.

The Sherriff of Nottingham lives there, as well as Maid Marian and the Witch of Papplenick.


In Beyond the Kingdoms, Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan are thrown into the story of Robin Hood by the Masked Man, who means to trap them there.

Robin initially captures Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan, assuming they were sent by the Sheriff of Nottingham. When they manage to scare the Sheriff and his knights away, Robin and his men pledge their loyalty to Conner, the 'mighty sorcerer', and try to help him collect the Portal Potion's ingredients, one of which is to be found at Maid Marian's room in Nottingham Castle. They also tell him of a witch who lives in Nottingham castle, and say she might be able to help Conner make the potion.

Inside the castle

While Robin is inside Marian's room wooing her, Conner sneaks into the castle to search for the witch. Figuring she's either in the attic or the basement, he tries going downstairs first, but only finds the entry to the dungeons there. He then climbs a tall spiral staircase to a small circular tower room.

"The room was filled with shelves and tables covered by strange things. There were jars of plants, liquids and small animals. There were cages of larger animals and potion bottles and cauldrons. It was definitely the room of a witch."[2]


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