Oats is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He is the son of Goldilocks' horse Porridge and a horse from Queen Red Riding Hood's stables, Buckle. He first appears in chapter 4 of A Grimm Warning.

Appearance and Personality

"Alex turned to see a white-and-brown-spotted foal walked down the aisle. He held a basket of rose petals in his mouth and was breathing very heavily, blowing the petals out of the basket and scattering them across the ground with every exhale."[1]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, it is mentioned that Oats is now nearly the size of his mother.[2] He, Porridge and Buckle transport the friends to the Masked Man's cave. Red Riding Hood and the Lost Boys ride and his parents to Morina to search for Froggy.[3]


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