The Red Riding Hood House in Oberammergau, picture from Chris Colfer's Instagram 2013


"Every one of the cottage-like homes and shops were painted with murals of fairy-tale and religious art as if they were one and the same. Conner and Bree stopped to admire an adorable house painted with iconic scenes from the story of Little Red Riding Hood."[1]

Oberammergau is a town in Bavaria, Germany. In A Grimm Warning, Conner and Bree pass the village on their way to Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castle. It has many fairy-tale murals, statues and shops.

Conner says it feels like being in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, probably because there are so many depictions of Red in the town.


  1. TLOS III, ch 12, p. 218

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