Peter Pan
Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook on the cover of TLOS IV
Biographical Information
World Neverland
Title(s) The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up
Also known as Leaf Boy (Conner)
Physical information
Gender Male
Age "Forever Young"
Hair colour Auburn
Eye colour Unknown
Other Traits Messy hair, rosy cheeks, clothes made out of leaves, "serious ADHD" (according to Conner)
Family information
Family Members
Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance Beyond the Kingdoms, ch 16
Appeared in Book(s) Beyond the Kingdoms, An Author's Odyssey


Peter Pan is the well-known main character from the story ''Peter Pan'' by J.M. Barrie.[1] He's a magical boy who can fly and never grows up. In the original story, he takes three children (Wendy, John and Michael Darling) from London into Neverland. His archenemy is the villain Captain Hook.

For more on J.M. Barrie's character, click here.

In The Land of Stories series, Alex and Conner arrive inside the Peter Pan story just before Peter meets Wendy, John and Michael. Peter was "late" because he was looking for his friend Tinker Bell. They quickly conclude that Lloyd must have captured her. In order to save her, Peter agrees to take Alex, Conner, Mother Goose, Lester, Red and the Tin Woodman to Neverland.

Appearance and Personality

"He had messy auburn hair, rosy cheeks and clothes made of green and brown leaves."[2]

Peter can fly. He is easily excited, impulsive and playful. He carries a small pouch of magic pixie dust, which helps his friends fly.[3]


Peter describes Tinker Bell as "a friend and a pixie". When she is kidnapped, he is willing to risk his life to get her back.[4]

He is also friends with and leader of the Lost Boys. He refers to his shadow as a "friend who never leaves you" (despite accidentally losing his shadow in the bedroom of the Darlings children).[5]


1. The Wishing Spell


2. The Enchantress Returns


3. A Grimm Warning


4. Beyond the Kingdoms

Peter takes the twins and their friends to Neverland. There, they arrive just in time to see Lloyd disappear into another book with Captain Hook, his pirate crew and ship the Jolly Roger and their captive, Tinker Bell. The book itself sinks to the bottom of the bay.

Peter leads them to the Mermaids, with whom Alex and Conner negotiate a trade. They will get the book for them if the Lost Boys stop fishing in their waters. The book is Alice in Wonderland. Red stays behind and Peter travels with them into the book.

Alex, Conner, Mother Goose, Lester, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan travel into Wonderland. Peter saves them from drinking the "shrinking potion" from Alice's story, which turns out to be poison left by Lloyd. Later, they split up to cover more ground, and Peter joins Conner and the Tin Woodman to gather their other friends guarding the books they already used to travel. They are tricked by Llyod and thrown into another book instead; and suddenly find themselves in Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest.

They are captured by Robin Hood, who releases them as they save him from the Sherriff of Nottingham, and Peter helps Conner make the Portal Potion. By the end of Beyond the Kingdoms, he is in the Land of Stories with Alex and Conner as they make plans to stop Llyod once and for all.


"All adults are pirates."[6]

"To die will be an awfully big adventure!"[7]


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