"The last time I had pixie dust was in 1964, and the next day I woke up on top of the Brooklyn Bridge with a tattoo of John Lennon on my ankle."[1][2]


Peter Pan carries a small pouch on his belt that holds shimmering dust. It enables non-fairies to fly.


In Beyond the Kingdoms, Peter Pan offers Conner, Alex, Mother Goose, the Tin Woodman and Red the magic dust to help them fly to Neverland. Mother Goose refuses and rides Lester instead, but the others all accept.

Peter tells them to think of happy thoughts (or a happy memory) so it will work.

Trivia : what's in a name?

In J.M. Barrie's novel, it is referred to as 'fairy dust' and comes, as the name implies, from fairies. The name 'pixie dust' was used in the Disney movie from 1953.


  1. TLOS IV, ch 16, p 220
  2. The 'pixie dust' Mother Goose is referring to is most likely a slang name for an intoxicating substance ;)

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