The Snow Queen's Polar Bears are original characters from The Land of Stories series. They are talking bears. They first appear in The Enchantress Returns, ch 17.

Appearance and Personality

The polar bears are living with and caring for the Snow Queen in the Northern Mountains. She is blind, and they are keeping up the illusion that she is still a powerful queen with many subjects and a large army, by faking the sounds of marching soldiers and telling her stories about her people and glorious castle.


"The polar bear let out a booming growl. A few moments later another polar bear appeared. He carried two long poles with several pairs of boots tied to them. He raised the poles and lowered them to the ground as he walked, giving the Snow Queen the illusion that dozens of soldiers were marching into the crater."[1]


  1. TLOS II, ch 17, p. 293

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