Biographical Information
World The Land of Stories
Title(s) Unknown
Also known as Mom and Dad (by Red)
Physical information
Species human
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair colour Unknown
Eye colour Unknown
Other Traits Unknown
Family information
Family Members Granny (mother and mother in law)

Red Riding Hood (daughter)

Affiliation Unknown
Land of Stories
First Appearance Unknown
Appeared in Book(s) Queen Red Riding Hoods guide to Royalty.
Red Riding Hood's parents aren't once mentioned by herself or anyone else in The land of Stories series. However, we do learn more about them in Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide To Royalty. Red mentioned them as being "horrible parents", saying things like no and you can't have that.


Red mentioned them being horrible parents, but she probably is not completely true, she probably was a little bit spoiled. However, Red does have one point:

My mother sent her only daughter in to the woods alone in the midst of wolf attacks and a revolution!

As Conner does mention in the first book, there is a possibilaty her mother did it on perpose to get rid of her daughter.


They were simple farmers in the Northern Kingdom, the woman of the two gave birth to one daughter with an uknown name, as she later took the name Red (Riding Hood). They didn't want any other kids.

When the the C.R.A.W.L. Revolution ended and Red was chosen queen, she distanced herself from them, meaning they probably are still alive and live in the Northern Kingdom, or the Red Riding Hood Kingdom.

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