"It was so dainty and picturesque that they felt like they were in a theme park. It was filled with tiny cottage homes and shops made of bricks or stone walls and hay roofs. A bell in the steeple of an old schoolhouse rang. Many staff-carrying men and bonnet-wearing women like the ones they had seen in the fields walked around the town pulling goats and sheep along with them."[1] 


Red Riding Hood Town is in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom.

In town, there are several places with names and allusions to fairy tales and nursery rhymes:

Red Riding Hood Castle is also situated in or near the town; its view can be seen from the Shoe Inn.

It is unknown if the town changed its name when Queen Red Riding Hood was deposed and the name of the kingdom was changed to Bo Peep Republic.


  1. TLOS I, ch 10, p. 203

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