"The castle was a spectacular sight. It was the tallest structure the twins had ever seen. It was made from peach-colored stones and its many tall towers soared into the sky with the tallest in the very center. When the twins looked closely, they saw the residue left from the vines that had once grown up the castle walls. There were many vast gardens surrounding the castle, or at least there would have been if anything were alive."[1]


Sleeping Beauty's Castle lies in the centre of Sleeping Valley in the Sleeping Kingdom. The castle has a secret entrance through a maple tree that ends in the castle's stables.[2]

You can come inside with one entrance and than you come in a long corridor that leads to the throneroom. There is also a banquet hall with a staircase behind that leads to Sleeping Beauty's room. There are many hallways but there is one dead end. Right there is a black door with a staircase that leads to.....

Sleeping Beauty's former bedroom: in the tallest tower of the castle. It was the room Sleeping Beauty slept in during the curse, and, much like Rapunzel's Tower, is now left as a sort of memorial room of that time.

"The twins were standing in a large, circular room with tall windows. There were violet drapes and a lavender rug. A balcony wrapped around the entire room outside. Only two pieces of furniture were in the room: an enormous bed and a spinning wheel made from dark wood."[3]


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