"They traveled between the glaciers, farther into the mountains of the Snow Queen's lair. The opening between the glaciers zigzagged through the mountains like an icy labyrinth, twisting and turning every few feet. […] They found themselves entering a large crater in the middle of the mountains. A frozen river circled the bottom like a snowy floor, and a frozen waterfall spilled inside from the mountain above. There were several pillars of ice surrounding the frozen river. […] At the base of the frozen waterfall, the ice flowed into a gigantic chair on which the Snow Queen herself was sitting." [1]


Up in the Northern Mountains in the Northern Kingdom. The Snow Queen was banished here by Wise Prince White after betraying the Northern Kingdom's King and taking over the Kingdom. She lives in the lair with her polar bears.


  1. TLOS II, ch 17, p. 291-292

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