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The South Bank Lion or the "Red Lion" is an existing statue currently placed by the Westminster Bridge in London.[1] In A Grimm Warning, he is featured as an enchanted statue, capable of speech. He helps Conner and Bree in their quest to find out if the Bavarian portal to the Land of Stories has been opened.

Appearance and Personality

"He was massive and pale grey and stood on top of a tall pedestal. [..] Rather than a vicious and threatening scowl on his face, the South Bank Lion had a genuinely concerned expression. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open."[2]

The lion statue was created in 1837 and used to stand at the Red Lion Brewery, remained undamaged during WW2 and the demolition of the brewery in 1949. It was moved to Waterloo Station, and later to Westminster Bridge. A secondary lion statue, which was not enchanted and is referred to by the South Bank Lion as his "brother", was destroyed but reassembled, painted gold and moved to Twickenham Stadium. The South Bank Lion finds out about him from Conner and Bree and is very relieved about that.[3]

The lion was enchanted by Mother Goose during his time at the brewery. She used to crash into him on her way to meet her brewery friends, and put an invincibility spell on him. Later, as her friends started dying, she needed someone to talk to and enchanted him so he could talk (and listen to her stories). The lion tells Conner and Bree he did not appreciate Mother Goose's stories at all.[4]

He is afraid of heights[5] and the mention of blood makes him squeamish.[6]


"If only my mind were as concrete as the rest of me."[7]

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