Chris Colfer at the Brothers Grimm gravesite in Berlin, St. Matthäus Kirchhof Cemetery, 15 sep 2013


"A massive stone gate guarded the entrance to the cemetery. It was covered with traces of dead ivy and had a crucifix at its peak. Although it was the oldest structure in this part of the city, it had maintained its authorative and imperial prestige over the years. There was something about the gate that demanded respect."[1]

St. Matthäus-Kirchhof Cemetery lies in Berlin, Germany. It has many historical and culturally significant graves. Four members of the Grimm family are buried there- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as well as Wilhelm's two sons.

In A Grimm Warning, Conner, Bree, Mrs. Peters and the Bookhuggers attend a literary festival that takes place at the cemetery site, where three "new" fairy-tales by Brothers Grimm are revealed. When Conner sees the graves of the Brothers Grimm, he is surprised how plain they are, as he expected them to be "flashier".

"I expected a big crypt with statues of fairy-tale characters and stained-glass windows of castles and gingerbread houses."[2]

Mrs. Peters heard of the festival from her old colleague Mrs. Weiss. A local celebrity, Sofia Amsel, reads the fairy-tales to the public.


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