The Storybook Grill is a fairy-tale themed diner or restaurant owned by Petunia, Rosemary and Lady Iris (Cinderella's stepfamily). It is mentioned, though not by name, in A Grimm Warning.

It is situated in Bree Campbell's home town, near her school. She visits the diner in Beyond the Kingdoms to help herself think, and she likes it immediately.

It is filled with cartoonish fairy-tale art and knickknacks but also has a classic 1950s vibe, complete with a jukebox. [1]

The dishes are all fairy-tale themed:


  • Orgre Burger
  • Beanstalk Salad
  • Cinderella Club Sandwich
  • Snow White Bread
  • Charming Curly Fries (Goblin Style)
  • Spinning Wheel Sliders
  • Gingerbread House Pie
  • Midnight Milk Shake
  • Three Little Pigs in Blankets
  • Goblin Fries


When Bree visits, they are close to celebrating their second year in business - the diner opened after Petunia, Rosemary and Lady Iris left the fairytale world at the end of The Enchantress Returns.

Their Snow White Bread comes from a factory called 'Sam's New England Sourdough' company in Connecticut, and is delivered every week. When Bree mentions how she needs to get to Conneticut to find out more about Cornelia Grimm, Lady Iris drops a hint about sneaking into the delivery van, which Bree then does.


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