The Talking Flowers (or 'Live Flowers') appear in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. They are featured in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland just before she meets the Caterpillar. Disneys's Alice sings a song with the flowers before moving on.[1]

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In The Land of Stories series, the flowers welcome Alex, Conner and their friends into Wonderland and invite them to listen to one of their songs, but the group then spots the White Rabbit and try to follow him, eventually losing his trail but finding the Caterpillar on the way.

Appearance and Personality

"The flowers were as extraordinary as they were disturbing. Each flower grew as tall as they were. They were gorgeous colours and had beautiful plump petals. However, each flower also had a face."[2]

A rose, a tulip and an orchid are mentioned specifically.

Alex advizes her friends not to talk to the flowers, because she knows from reading the book that everyone loves tricking people in Wonderland.


"If I hadn't seen that in a nightmare before, I definitely will now," Conner said.[3]


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