"It was a remote and mature forest; roots sank as deep into the ground as branches reached high into the sky. Had it not been for a modest path winding through the terrain the forest would have seemed completely untouched and unseen by human eyes."[1]

The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) is a mountainous forest area in the Southwest of Germany. In A Grimm Warning, a (fictional) battalion of the French Grande Armée, lead by General Marquis, has camped there to find and interrogate the Brothers Grimm, with the intention of finding out how to invade the Land of Stories.

The brothers are forced to lead the army to a portal - but Mother Goose makes sure it will take the army 200 years to arrive in the Land of Stories and has her friend King Ludwig II build a castle on top of the portal to protect it.


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TLOS III, Prologue, p. 1

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