"Gosh, it's like Valentine's Day threw up in here," Conner said."[1]

The Castle of Hearts a place in the magical world of Wonderland in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It is the home of the Queen of Hearts.

The castle is set atop a very steep hill. Everything about it, from the windows to the flags, the rugs, the wallpaper and the doors and archways, is heart-shaped. The Tin Woodman, on his own personal quest for a heart, really likes the decor. The roses in the garden are white, though some are painted red.[2]

The throne room has an entry with double heart-shaped doors, a giant throne and a platform with a heart-shaped axe. The room is lined with rows of benches; enough to seat thousands of people. It functions as a courtroom, where the Queen of Hearts indulges in her favourite past-time: having people beheaded.[3]


In Beyond the Kingdoms, Alex, Conner, the Tin Woodman, Peter Pan, Mother Goose, and Lester travel into the story in order to stop the Masked Man. They hope to catch him before he can recruit the Queen of Hearts for his literary army, but they are too late. They do find a portal book, and Alex, Mother Goose and Lester go into the portal thinking they are going back to the Land of Stories. But the empty castle is a ruse, and Alex and her friends have been tricked into going into the wrong book. The Masked Man has Conner and the others thrown into another book as well, then destroys both books.


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