The Giant from the Beanstalk is a character from the well-known fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk[1]. He lives at the top of a magical beanstalk and owns various treasures, such as a goose that lays golden eggs, and a singing harp.

He does not appear in The Land of Stories series, but is mentioned by Harper in The Wishing Spell, and Alex and Conner visit his castle in The Enchantress Returns. He is killed when Jack chops down the bean stalk.

His giant cat still lives in the castle.

Appearance and Personality

"Giants have terrible taste in music! You wouldn't believe the numbers he used to force me to perform for him! All the lyrics were about eating sheep and stepping on villagers!" [2]

"Jack chopped down the beanstalk and the giant fell to his death! Splat! Right on the Bo Peep farms! It was quite a day! [...] The Bo Peep family said the giant was the best fertilizer their farms had ever used!"[3]


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