In The Enchantress Returns, the Evil Enchantress Ezmia explains the story of the Souls in the Jars; five men whose souls she trapped in jars as revenge. One of them is the baker.

Ezmia fell in love with a baker from the village, only to find out his affections for her had been a ruse, a joke he played on her with the other village youths. When she demanded his apology, he refused. To punish him, she enchanted a gingerbread man. The uproar this caused made the baker's family lose their bakery.

"It jumped off the tray and ran away from him. It became quite the ordeal; the entire village chased after it with no success."[1]


The Gingerbread Man is a classical fairy tale about a runaway cookie.[2] Ezmia's story connects her with several other fairy tales and items such as the Pied Piper, Beauty and the Beast and the golden harp.


  1. TLOS II, ch 13, p. 212

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