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"The enormous vessel filled the entire courtyard, made of woven pieces of wood- it looked like a giant ship-shaped basket."[1]


Her Majesty's Ship The Granny is an airship build from Queen Red Riding Hood's basket collection and her dresses.

In The Enchantress Returns, the twins need to travel through the kingdoms fast to collect items for the Wand of Wonderment, and Froggy suggests they make a sort of hot air balloon like in Around the World in 80 Days, only with a larger basket to fit more people in. Jack oversees the building, and Red's grandmother and the Little Old Woman sew the balloon. Red Riding Hood christens the ship the "HMS Granny", or "the Granny" for short.

Alex, Conner, Jack, Goldilocks, Froggy and Red fly the airship to the Northern Kingdom, the Charming Kingdom, back to Red Riding Hood Kingdom, and then towards Mermaid Bay, where they try to land on the water but get stuck on a delta. The mermaids pull the ship into the bay.[2] After their fight with the Sea Witch, they are followed out of the water by angry anglerfish. One of them manages to pierce the hot air balloon, and the Granny crashes into the Troll and Goblin Territory.[3]


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