The Land of Oz
Type -
Rulers The Wizard of Oz
Founder -
Population Ozians
Institutions -
Neighbors -

"This place is a hoot!" [Mother Goose] said. "It's more random than your moodswings, Lester!"[1]


The Land of Oz is a fictional world from the Oz Books by L. Frank Baum. [2]

In Beyond the Kingdoms, Alex, Conner, Mother Goose, Lester, Goldilocks, Jack and Red travel into the story and the land of Oz in persuit of the Masked Man[3]. It is not an easy place to navigate- even guided by the Tin Woodman, they are chased by Kalidahs[4] and nearly die in the Field of Deadly Poppies.[5]

When the friends travel the Yellow Brick Road, the landscape around them changes constantly. "One minute they were in a thick forest, the next a wide-open field. They crossed over streams and rivers, ponds and lakes, farmland and little villages, only to end up in another forest."[6]

Notable Places

Notable Characters


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