The Merry Men are the well-known band of outlaws lead by English folklore hero Robin Hood. The core characters of this group are Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan-A-Dale and Will Scarlet.

In the Land of Stories series, they appear in Beyond the Kingdoms when Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan are transported into the story of Robin Hood and meet him and the Merry Men there.

Appearance and Personality

  • Little John : "One of the men was enormous, standing seven feet tall at least, and he held a long staff."
  • Will Scarlet : "A rather flamboyant man, who wore clothes made of red silk and a large feathered hat, held a sword in each hand."
  • Friar Tuck : "A short and plump padre was among the men and held a crucifix and a Bible like a sword and shield."
  • Alan-A-Dale : "There was also a thin musician, who didn't have a weapon, either, but he strummed chords on a mandolin theatreningly while giving the boys a nasty look." [1]

As a group, they are described as looking 'more weathered and aggressive' than Conner, as a reader of the tales of Robin Hood, had expected[2]. They aren't averse to singing though, and put the boys through hours of lyrical praise of their leader, Robin Hood.

Little John and Will Scarlet don't appear to be very bright. When Conner asks them to retrieve ingredients for the Portal Potion, they get the exact oppsites of what he needs.[3] Friar Tuck is more helpful, as he gives Conner the idea of looking for the Witch of Papplenick for the 'splash of magic' the potion needs.[4]


Robin and his men initially captures Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan, assuming they were sent by the Sheriff of Nottingham. When they manage to scare the Sheriff and his knights away, Robin and his men pledge their loyalty to Conner, the 'mighty sorcerer' and try to help him make the Portal Potion and fight the Masked Man. They travel with them into the Land of Stories.


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