The Neverland Mermaids are fictional characters from the well-known story Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.[1] They are aquatic creatures from Neverland who live in Mermaid Lagoon.

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Appearance and Personality

"Unlike the colorful and angelic mermaids in the fairy-tale world, the mermaids of Neverland were nasty and sinister looking creatures. Their skin was slimy and so pale it practically glowed. They had red, slanted eyes and thin, flat nostrils. Instead of hair, they had long fins that stuck up like Mohawks. They had several piercings and wore small fish bones as jewelry."[2]

They also have webbed hands with long nails and have jagged little shark-like teeth. One of them wears a necklace of shells, and Conner assumes she holds some authority over the other mermaids. They have their own language which is described as "hich-pitched growls and clicks"and sounds like "a mix of dolphion and bat sounds"[3], but they can also speak english.

They have a strong dislike for the Lost Boys and and known to try and drown them whenever they get too close.

In The Land of Stories series, Alex and Conner need the mermaids help to retrieve a book from the bottom of Pirates Bay. They negotiate a trade; in return for retrieving the book, the Lost Boys have to promise not to fish in Mermaid Lagoon anymore. The deal is struck, the book retrieved, and the twins and their friends follow the Masked Man into the story of Alice in Wonderland.


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