The Sheriff of Nottingham is the main villain in the stories of Robin Hood, the English folklore hero who 'steals from the rich to give to the poor'.

In the Land of Stories series, he appears briefly in Beyond the Kingdoms.

Appearance and Personality

He is described as a 'middle-aged man with a dark beard' and wears a bright star over his armour. He commands a group of soldiers.[1]

He is also described as a 'tall and regal man' but bursts into hysterical tears like a small child when he is alone with his 'Auntie' Maudlin.[2]


The sheriff is about to arrest Robin Hood and his Merry Men, (along with Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter Pan, who are prisoners of Robin's) when Conner thinks of a plan. They pretend to be ghosts. The Sheriff falls for it and flees with his soldiers.[3]

Conner later sees him again when he has sneaked into the castle to find the Witch of Papplenick. The sheriff goes to her for moral support and calls her 'Aunt Maud', unloading his problems and complaining about Maid Marian. Maudlin gives him a peptalk and something to calm his nerves and promises to tuck him in.[4]


"I just wish I didn't have to try so hard!"[5]

"I just want M-M-Maid M-M-Marian to love me!"[6]


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